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Extracts from "Jane Eyre the Musical" by Ruth Nunn (see LINKS page)

Snow Sculpture

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  • Two snow people seated in garden chairsSnow people - snow - life sizeRef:SNP Two snow people seated in garden chairs
  • Jean with HorseJean with horse - snow - approx. height 5ft 8".Ref:SNH Jean with horse.
  • Snow BearSnow Bear - snow - height 6ft.Ref:SNB Snow sculpture of a whole bear.
  • Detail of Bear's headDetail...Ref:SNB Detail of the Snow Bear's head.
  • I adore snow! It is a clean, free, natural material which compels me to work fast and spontaneously. It symbolises polarity and transience: light and shadow, male and female, a cold material implying warmth; sculptures may last for days ... or minutes. They come into being, then they are gone. In my mind's eye they are still there, crowded together like spirits.

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