Interconnectedness is a theme which runs through every aspect of life and work. It is vital to the survival of the entire planet. Any minute connection, whether it is from one brain cell to another, or as here, one person to another via website's, has the potential for alchemy and new creation.

I have chosen the following links because I have found the people concerned to be brilliant in their respective fields. I would like others to enjoy the pleasure of working with them. I am happy to promote good practice!

Broadleaf UK Specialist web Design...

It has been such a pleasure working with Nick who has constructed the site. He has done exactly what I asked with speed and efficiency, making constructive and helpful suggestions on the way.

It has made the whole process exciting and completely stress free!

Jane Eyre, The Musical...

A vivid and passionate musical dramatisation by Ruth Nunn and Jeremy Gibson of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel. The songs are superb and deeply touch my heart - I love them!

Visit the website to hear other extracts.

George Stoppani George Stoppani

George is my brother. He made his first guitar from a wooden orange crate when he was 6 yrs. old. He has a history of making string instruments which spans a lifetime, which adds up to a phenomenal amount of experience, knowledge and skill.

He has experimented with making varnishes to the extent of keeping his own bees for their propolis, designed his own tools and built his own machinery. He was recently invited to the USA to speak about a computer programme on acoustics which he has written. He plays regularly in an orchestra.

Instruments George has made are heard in concerts and on the radio in orchestras all around the world. He is a superb craftsman. I am immensely proud of him.

George Stoppani at work

Natural Harmony, Centre for Well Being...

Two excellent courses I attended expanded the way I see things. I have experienced Reiki healing sessions with remarkable results.

Contact me for details.

J R Robinson J R C Richardson

Jeremy's imaginative and highly versatile compositions need to be listened to, not written about: Please visit both his sites to appreciate his fluid vocals and browse a really interesting range of recordings.

JRC Richardson - Come check me out on MySpace at
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