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Extracts from "Jane Eyre the Musical" by Ruth Nunn (see LINKS page)

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My Work

The driving force of creation and the processes of alchemy are fascinating, amazing. I am constantly aware of the interconnectedness between all things.

No distinction can be drawn between art and music as they are both parts of the same continuum, the expression of spirit and responses to experiences. Art is visual music, music is auditory sculpture. Sculpture is a moment in music, holding the sounds of a whole orchestra suspended in material form, while the rest of the performance flows on. Music sings through ever aspect of existence, exploring light, colour, space, the delicacy and robustness of structure, plunging and soaring to seek out potentials in every conceivable direction.

The more art forms that are actually made, the more there are that clamour to be brought into existence, each one giving rise to endless more possibilities. Each one creates itself, the artist is just the catalyst, or the means of entry.

Every moment of life's experiences has the potential to inspire a multitude of new ideas and images, to set in motion a new chain of events. Our task is to catch as many as we can in the time we are given.


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